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we’re fourall magazine, a zine and platform for Gen-Z creatives, artists, activists, students, and more.

our goal

our goal is to provide a place where young, educated individuals can come and be inspired by content that they’ll enjoy. we strive to produce quality articles, literature, art, music, fashion, photography, and talent. we see it as our duty to provide a place for all young people under represented in mainstream entertainment to share their unique experiences and views with our fourall readers. fourall is 100% virtual and 100% free, because we want anyone and everyone to be able to enjoy our content and engage with our community.

who makes fourall?

fourall is made by an entirely Gen-Z staff. we have many different people who do many different things some include: writers, editors, journalists, and outreach interns. to meet our executive team, click here.

the beginning

fourall is all about the new wave of Gen-Z excellence and embracing our differences. we are the world’s future and we will make a change. created in 2020 with the mission of creating a space of expression for young people. most magazines targeted towards teens are written by adults, who are guessing what we want to see, and are often large companies with little creative freedom. by creating a magazine for ourselves, we have full control of the content we put out as well as the ability to put out what teens really want to see. we are not just creators, we are innovators, designers, thinkers, and most of all, leaders.

we release magazine issues every other month! additionally, we started this blog, where we’ll post even more content for our community to enjoy. we feature:

  • articles on pop culture, world politics/news, social justice, etc
  • creative writing pieces
  • beauty/fashion inspo
  • interviews/collaborations with gen-z leaders
  • recipes
  • so much more!

stay updated on our instagram to see our daily content, updates, issue releases, & more!

contact us!

email us at hello@fourallmagazine.com for any general questions/comments/concerns or send us a dm on instagram!

need to contact our executive team?

Kalani Dunn, editor-in-chief, kalani@fourallmagazine.com

Zoe Scott, assistant editor, zoe@fourallmagazine.com

Violeta Salazar, assistant editor, violeta@fourallmagazine.com