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do you identify as a gen-z creative, artist, activist, or student? we’re hosting a 1-hour live Q&A panel featuring nine gen-z “changemakers and creatives”, on saturday, march 27th at 1pm PST (4pm EST). attend to hear about each panelist’s experiences in entrepreneurship, expressing creativity, activism, impacting other youth, & more.

we’re bringing you 9 uniquely talented individuals… who are they? 
  1. Skyler Basco: entrepreneur, community-builder, artist, & founder of BEAM, an international platform for college-bound high school seniors. 
  2. Sydney Ling: magazine editor and creator of Rice & Spice Magazine, a zine dedicated to centering and amplifying the experiences, struggles, and artistry of Asian-American youth. 
  3. Naomi Porter: activist and 2-time business founder, who advocates for gender equality and entrepreneurship among Gen-Z.
  4. Remiana Tapleshay: entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Sticky Feminist, a youth-led sticker company with a powerful mission (+ our official sticker sponsor)
  5. Imara Moore & Jaryn Barefield: magazine editors and co-creators of Gen-Blk Zine, an online + print fashion magazine created by and for women of color.
  6. Juliana Dawdy: founder and director of Brains in Beauty, a youth-led nonprofit organization empowering and educating youth on cosmetic chemistry, STEM, and beauty. 
  7. Jada Atchu-Yudom & Sania Ahmad: co-founder and director of REVIVE Mental Health, a youth-led organization working to eliminate the stigma against mental health in communities of color.

all panel attendees are automatically entered in the grand prize and mini prize giveaways! attend for a chance to win amazon gift cards, exclusive FOURALL Magazine merch, and handwritten letters from our team! register using the form below!

see you @ the panel on saturday, march 27th at 1pm PST (4pm EST)!

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