How To Not Be Sexist

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Written by Ariana de la Cruz

“Discriminating someone on the basis of their sex.” Sexism seems like an easy concept to grasp. But throughout the decades it has been madly distorted by the people who benefit from it the most, the 21st-century patriarchy. To properly understand this you have to acknowledge that sexism is built upon the basis of misogyny, which causes men to develop abuse-like behaviors that transform them into a threat to our society. Once you understand this, you have to come to terms with your internalized misogyny. Maybe you don’t have a complete misogynist character or inherent sexist beliefs, but you benefit from people that do. I could point out that women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people, yet men’s average wages are higher than women’s in both rural and urban areas and only 6 countries give women equal legal work rights as men. In a selfish society, in the end, one is always going to support the premises that benefit ourselves the most even if others get harmed in the process. Now if you want to prevent a complete self-centered society and not be sexist the next step is trying to be more self-aware. Men are not the problem itself, is the toxicity of the misogynists that promote a dangerous “each gender has a role” rhetoric. Both sexism and gender roles are toxic traits that are thought, and absolutely preventable. You have to have a sense of moral responsibility that prevents you from supporting sexist beliefs whether that’s encouraging young men to only respect women they are attracted to, dress codes that make girls cover their bodies so boys don’t have to learn self-control or believing that the 21st-century patriarchy is a hoax because you’ve never been affected by it. Finally, empower the men and women around you that are not afraid to call out greedy sexists. And for the sake of social equity, stop saying “not all men”.