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our recently expanded team is ready to bring you more content than ever. with 16 team members from over 5 different countries worldwide, prepare to see new blog content, instagram posts, and magazine issues.

stay tuned for our seventh issue later this month, new projects rolling out on our socials, and more!

the editorial team would like to extend a warm welcome to our new photography directors, design director, social media directors, and our entire senior writing team!

keep an eye on the our team tab as our new team members begin creating new exciting content!

photography directors
  • jenna celestin (she/her)
  • francesca bell (she/her)
design director
  • jack joseph (he/him)
social media directors
  • dani pippen (they/them)
  • sadie sandoz (she/her)
senior pop culture writer
  • tiffany fang (she/her)
senior style & beauty writers
  • aminee siriboe (she/her)
  • alina gao (she/her)
senior world politics and news writers
  • diya bahukhandi (she/her)
  • anamika satheesh (she/her)
  • maisie cu (she/her)
senior creative writers
  • oskar leonard (he/him)
  • kavya pullanoor (she/her)

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