Meet Our Spring 2021 Interns

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from self-published authors, to blog owners, to zine creators, our Spring 2021 Interns have it all. the FOURALL internship program provides Gen-Z creatives an oppoutinity to gain experience in digital + print media, while working alongside a team from all over the world. we offer internships in pop culture writing, world politics & news, writing, creative writing, and instagram content creation. this spring, we’re welcoming 12 interns to the FOURALL team to create innovative content for our readers.

  • pop culture writing team: toni jackson, bella abeles, anabel deyoung, and lily tran!
  • world politics & news writing team: mariana robles, saige cooke, and amirah ahmed!
  • creative writing team: oskar leonard and kavya pullanoor!
  • instagram content team: chloe luterman, shannan humphrey, and mishita kaja!
here’s our Spring 2021 intern profile:

where are interns are from: Washington DC, NYC, Mumbai (India), Bay Area, New Jersey, Virginia, Manchester (UK) , Torreón (Mexico), & more!

average age of our interns: 16

sun signs (zodiac) of our interns include: pisces, leo, scorpio, sagittarius (😍) , aquarius, virgo, & more!

stay tuned for issue 6 later this month, more exciting blog content, and brand new instagram posts from our new interns! we’re excited to share what they create with you all.

want to join the team? follow us on instagram to be notified when future FOURALL team applications open.