Muslim Women’s Day

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Written by Amirah Ahmed

Muslim Women’s Day was established in 2017 by Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, the founder of the largest Muslim women-led media company, Muslim Girl. Muslim Girl is a media company founded with the goal of amplifying Muslim womens’ voices and breaking the barriers in every aspect of their lives far past the stereotypes they face in the West. Muslim Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 27th.

The annual celebration was created to provide a space for Muslim womens’ voices, especially in media, where Muslim voices are largely underrepresented or misconstrued. A huge component of this is emphasizing the importance of creating space for all Muslim women, both in the Muslim community and beyond, whether they fit the stereotypical definition of “Muslim” or not. 

According to a paper written at Gettysburg College, “Muslim women are portrayed and viewed with a relatively singular set of heuristics.” Most individuals in the West have a relatively mundane understanding of Islam’s intricacies and the barrier between culture and religion, resulting in a devastating misportrayal of Muslims, specifically Muslim Women. A wave of Islamophobic rhetoric has followed terrorist attacks since 9/11, most times accompanied with targeted hate crimes. Muslim women, many of which choose to cover with the traditional hijab, are often the brunt of this hate

Muslim Women’s Day is relatively new, and has yet to be nationally recognized, but the media has taken notice. Platforms such as Vogue Arabia, Bustle, and Huffpost have covered the increasingly important date. Local organizations around the world organize educational events and webinars each year to bring awareness to the event and shine a much needed spotlight on the Muslim women voices at the forefront of the fight